Sparkling White Professional Strength 6%HP Teeth Whitening Strips - Elastic Strips plus Advanced Whitening Formula = Great Results! 28 Strips (14 Upper and 14 Lower) Free Teeth Shade Guide Included.

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Manufacturer Description

Sparkling White Teeth Whitening Strips SIMPLE - SAFE - EFFECTIVE! GUARANTEED RESULTS....FAST! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! 1- Keep the strips in a cool place. 2- Never handle them with wet hands. 3- Try to wipe your teeth with a napkin and dry your teeth before applying. 4- Do NOT use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth. It is better not to brush your teeth before whitening but you need to floss and rinse your teeth very good before whitening. You can brush lightly after whitening. Sealed foil package comes with 14 pouches of 2 strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Total of 28 strips, 2 weeks supply. Sparkling White teeth whitening strips are very easy to use. You can whiten your teeth in just 2 weeks. You do not need mouth trays or gels tubes or pens. These whitening strips are easy to apply. Sparkling White teeth whitening strips 100% enamel safe. Complete results in 14 days or we'll give your money back. The sealed box contains 14 mini aluminum pouches, each locking up the freshness of 2 strips. You will also get a free shade guide so you can see your progress. Please do not give up on the strips after the first session, you will start seeing results in a few days. Advanced teeth whitening strips are enamel safe. For longer lasting results, avoid staining food and drinks. Handle the strips only with dry hands. You should also dry your teeth with a towel-napkin - strips will stick much better. Step 1: Fit lower strip - apply gel side against your teeth and fold over the remainder to back of teeth. Step 2: Fit the upper strip. Step 3: Dispose the strips after 30 minutes (minimum 15 minutes). Clean your mouth carefully and clean the gel off your teeth. Store the strips in a cool/cold place. Refrigerate but do not freeze the strips. Keep them away from direct heat sources.

Product Features

Highest quality Teeth Whitening Strips! Advanced Formula Elastic Strips. You Get 14 Pouches of 1 Upper & 1 Bottom Whitestrip. That's 28 Full Applications of our Teeth Whitening Formula on 28 Enamel-Safe Whitestrips. Peel...Apply...Reveal Your Whiter and Brighter Smile! Grind Free makes it so easy for you to get each and every tooth as white as possible. All you have to do is peel the white strips from it's packaging, evenly apply your whitestrips across your teeth, and reveal your whiter and brighter smile after 30 minutes! Get the Whiter & Brighter Teeth You've Always Wanted! Are You A Smoker? Coffee or Tea Drinker? No matter the cause of your shaded smile, Grind Free has a Teeth Whitening solution for you! Use our Teeth Whitening Strips for 30 Minutes & Start Striping those Stains Away! Perfect Size for Travel Each Teeth Whitening Pouch is Individually Wrapped and & Ready to Go Anywhere You Need To Go! Our Teeth Whitening Strips are so comfortable that you won't even know they are on your teeth! Drink Water & Talk as Much as You Want! As Always We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction. Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Effective and Safe Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

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